Steel Straightening – A Holt Family Enterprise

historysteel3 The heat straightening of steel is a process invented by Joseph Holt in 1917.  Joseph Holt discovered a method of controlling the expansion of steel through heat application. It was widely believed at the time that using heat to straighten steel would weaken it, but Joseph Holt proved otherwise. Metallurgists & Engineers now know that steel can actually be strengthened by the process pioneered by Holt. In 1920, Joseph Holt straightened his first bridge beam by this non-uniform heating technique that he carefully developed through experimenting & observation. This beam is still serving on the mainline. In 1946, he began contracting structural steel repair under the name Coast Steel which later became Joseph Holt & Co. His techniques have saved many millions of dollars for the highway departments and federal government across the entire country. Joseph received honors from the Department of Defense, American Welding Society and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for his outstanding contributions to economical and quick repair of damaged steel structures. In 1969, he received the Samuel Wylie Miller Memorial Award.

historysteel4In the 1930’s,  Fred Holt began helping his father, Joseph, on steel straightening jobs along with Fred’s brothers, Richard & Donald. Fred later entered a Baptist seminary and served many years as a pastor. Reverend Fred Holt became well-known in the construction industry as a master craftsman in the art of flame straightening steel.

History of SteelIn the 1970’s, Fred’s two sons, David and Dan, began working with their father on steel straightening repair projects and in 1982, Dan Holt founded International Straightening, Inc. In 1986, Dan’s son, Judd, also started learning the art of steel straightening and with over 25 years of experience, is now President of International Straightening, Inc.


juddalaskaSteel straightening has been in the Holt family for nearly 100 years. International Straightening, Inc. has clients nationally and internationally, all continue to find our services and experience level to be of the highest quality. We have completed a multitude of diverse projects successfully and continue to offer exceptional service and results.