International Straightening, Inc. was founded in 1982. We specialize in the repair of damaged steel girders on bridges, cranes, equipment, as well as other steel structures through an innovative process known as structural steel flame straightening. 

Proper flame straightening is an exact art and each damaged or bent structure will have unique characteristics unto itself resulting from the degree or type of damage that has occurred. In order to avoid costly mistakes, this type of heat straightening should only be performed by a qualified professional who has the proper training & experience to administer the correct application for each individual project.

With over 30 years of steel straightening experience, Judd Holt has overseen a multitude of repair projects successfully and he has the expertise to complete your project to required specifications. The Holt family pioneered the flame straightening process, we are a 4th generation company and are unmatched on quality, safety, time efficiency and experience in the field of proper flame straightening.