International Straightening, Inc. specializes in flame straightening and heat straightening damaged structural steel. We are a mobile company, working across the United States, as well as Internationally.

Heat straightening or flame straightening steel is a safe and cost-effective alternative to total replacement of the bent or damaged steel. It is a quick, easy solution to accident, impact or fire damaged steel.  Steel straightening repair work is done for a fraction of the cost and time of total replacement.

Judd Holt, President of I.S.I., has over 25 years of experience in the straightening of damaged steel. He has overseen & successfully repaired hundreds of projects. The Holt family originated the heat straightening process and we are unmatched on quality, safety, time efficiency and expertise in the art of flame straightening.

AZ2International Straightening, Inc. is who to call when the damage is so serious that it seems replacement may be the only option.





AZ5We have the experience to repair the most severe damage to exacting tolerances without loss of strength and integrity.







For further information and consultation with a quick, accurate estimate of costs and time, please call or email photos of your repair project to

Judd Holt at 701-223-5972 or email isisteel@gmail.com